Skull Bag


Bags are the most useful objects in the world, I mean, where will you put your stuff if it wasn’t for a bag? Anywhere! You will have to carry your belongings in your hand and this is how your belongings get lost.

Fortunately we are in the modern times, where everyone can have a bag with almost no money. But a bag is not just to carry up your belongings, it’s also a part of your personality, part of who you are like clothes. Everyone knows that, you can find thousands bag of different styles, colors and tastes but none of them satisfy your needs.

If you’re like those who are struggling to find a good bag to represent who they are, you’re in a good place. If you’re a rebellious and free guy who doesn’t fit in the society and is looking for something that represents them, you hit the right website.

Our website is a community for those who doesn’t fit in the society, for those who love different things than the rest, for those who cannot find clothes to express who they really are. Our online store is a community powered by professionals that will give you all you ever wanted, skulls!

Skulls are really common in these days, they are a really fantastic piece of a fashionable symbol to carry on your clothes. The problem is that not many people dare to wear them because they are scared. You’re not scared, as me and as everyone who is reading this, for that reason we are so special, we are fearless.

In our online store you can find skus backpack, skull bag and skull messenger bag, anything with skulls on it. We don’t only offer bag, also clothes, accessories and many more.

If you’re looking a supreme quality, the best on the market and competitive price our online store is an option to bear in mind.

You can find anything about craniums for both genders men and women. For ladies we have a beautiful and unique skull makeup bag to not lose any makeup, keep them safe.

Cranium skull bags are really difficult to find, but you don’t have to look further because we have them all.


women skull

Women Skull Tote Bag PU Washed Leather Rivet Studded Ladies Purse Shoulder Bag


skull patten

Skull Patten Canvas Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Sleeve


butterfly skull

Butterfly Skull Casual Backpack Waterproof Travel Daypack School Bag


mini skulls

Skulls Mini Studded Shoulder Cross-Body Handbag


backpack skull

Sling Backpack Small Crossbody Bag 15L Sports Outdoor


blue bag

Blue Skull Handbag


skull bag

Backpack Rucksack Shoulder Bags Gym Bag


skull leather

Womens Skull Print PU Leather Hobo Tote Shoulder Bag Package Handbag with Gift


big bag

Unisex Big Handbag Tote Shoulder Crossbag Travel 3D Fashion Duffel Bag 19‘’


skull punk

Sugar Skull Punk Art Rivet Stud Biker Purse Women Fashion Backpack Python Daypack Shoulder Bag Wallet Set

stylish makeup

Stylish Makeup Pouch Portable Cosmetic Bag Purse


women skull

Women Skull Tote Bag PU Washed Leather Rivet Studded Ladies Purse Shoulder Bag


vintage skull

Hai Cotton Hippie Hobo Sling Crossbody Bag Messenger Purse Bohemian Skull


holder skull

Lattice Skull Tote Shoulder Bag

purse cross

Sugar Skull Purse Cross Body Bag with Concealed Carry Pocket


set bag

Womens Skull Hobo Tote Bag Chain Shoulder Bag Gothic Handbag Set


vintage skull

3D Print Drawstring Backpack Rucksack Shoulder Bags Gym Bag

leather tote

Sugar Skull Women’s Leather Tote Shoulder Bags Handbags

Butterfly skull

Butterfly Skull Casual Backpack Waterproof Travel Daypack School Bag

casual bagpack

Skull Casual Backpack Waterproof Travel Daypack School Bag 

Why do I Need a Skull Bag?


A bag by itself has a superlative function, carry up your things. However a bag must adapt to your taste and style on design and skulls are perfect for you because:

  • Craniums are not common: You don’t see many skulls bag out there right? If you want to be unique and have an authentic personality this a perfect place to start. By using one of these bags you will be the only one with a skull bag in kilometers.

Complement you personality: Skull means power, fearlessness, wisdom and many more. You think you have those traits in your personality? What are you waiting for braincases are perfect for you!