Why a Skull Bandana is so Cool


Skulls are on demand in the current fashion trends, there are a huge amount of skulls spread in every kind of clothes, from t-shirts, rings, bracelets, etc. If you want to be fashionable you must use one every while to while, but if you don’t have one (something pretty odd, almost everyone has one) you need to buy one because it looks really good and it’s versatile and can be used on many occasion and for many purposes.

Skull has been a synonym of death and evil, but lately, we have discovered that it has another version, a version that reflects power, knowledge, wisdom and fearlessness. Our clothes and what we wear reflects who we are and in order to reflect those incredible attributes of skulls, we need to wear something with that meaning, in this case, a skull bandana.

Indeed, the use of skull in the current trends is pretty normal, we have seen it for a long time ago, since the origin of rockstars and some sub-cultures. In the past century, using skulls was equal to be a rebel or someone with a wild spirit, lately that meaning has changed and has adopted a new approach.


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Besides, a skull bandana mask can be pretty useful for any kind of situations:

  • It can protect your head, face, and neck from extreme weather conditions. In winter, a skeleton bandana can provide you with warmth and comfort. Besides, you can scare someone or even make someone laughs.
  • A skull face bandana is not available only in black color, so you can combine it with lots of outfit combinations and use your favorite color.
  • A skull bandana is useful to hide something if you have some issue in your face like acne, a cut or any issue it will cover all and make you feel beauty again.
  • You can use it on Halloween to scare people, yes you can scare people with that or use it for a special occasion to prank your friend or your family.
  • It’s excellent to complement it with every kind of outfit and you can use it for almost any kind of situations.


Skull bandana face mask is a fantastic acquisition for every kind of situation and with plenty of uses. If you want to be fashionable you must use one, even more on these days of high demand.

You don’t have to be a creepy person or a rocker to use one of these, it is wearable for everybody because everything looks good on everybody, besides is a cool trait of your personality to having one of these.

You will be fashionable and you will have also a piece of cloth that will protect you from cold, use for Halloween and definitely reflects wisdom, knowledge, power and fearlessness just by wearing a Skeleton bandana in your face.

The best part about it is that can be wear by both, men and women.

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