Skull earrings


Have you ever wondered why skulls are so attractive? That’s probably because they are pretty striking to our eyes. If you love skulls and you have every kind of clothes with craniums on them, you’re a skull lover like everyone reading this article.

Why must you use skulls on your daily basis? Because they are the true expression of a wild and free spirit looking for adventure. In addition, these striking earrings will take all the people’s attention wherever you go.

What else do you want? You will look awesome and let many people in love with you.

Skulls represent more than just a bone of the head, represent power, knowledge, fearlessness and a really stylish look. Then, in order to emanate those traits of you personality, you must wear them as many times as possible.

Don’t worry about using too many craniums on you because more you have on you, more awesome you will be.

Unfortunately, you must know that finding clothes, accessories and random stuff with skulls on them is really difficult, probably impossible. However, you will calm down because we have an extensive repertory of every kind of items with skulls on them.

Are you looking for skull hoop earrings, skull earrings studs or probably skills earrings for guys? It doesn’t matter in our website you can find that and even more, with supreme quality and delivered to your home.



Punk Titanium Steel Skull Stud Earrings


punisher skull

Stainless Steel Punisher Skull Cut-Out Button Stud Post Earrings

cute skulls

Cute Skull Studs Womens Gothic Cool Statement Skeleton Jewelry Candy Skull Earrings for Girls

dark forest

“Trident Triple” Claw Earring 316L Stainless Steel

goldtone skull

Black and Goldtone Sugar Skull Stud Earrings

skull hip hop

1Pair Stainless Steel Skull Hip-Hop Stud Earring 10x7mm(3/8″x 2/8″) (Black)

rose skull

Rose Gold Women Tone Crystal Diamond Skull Pierced Stud Earrings Jewelry


turquoise stone

Turquoise Stone Dangling Sugar Skull Fish Hook Earrings

skeleton dangle

Skeleton Dangle Earring 316L Surgical Steel

sugar skull

Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull Earrings – Assorted Colors (White Skulls)

silver skull

Women’s Stainless Steel Skull Earrings (Silver, Size 1″)

red rose

Stainless Steel Red Rose Skeleton Stud Earrings 

sterling silver

Sterling Silver Cz Skull Stud Earrings – 11mm

vintage butterflies

Vintage Butterfly Earrings For Women

teeny tiny

Teeny Tiny Sterling Silver Skull Earrings 

gold plated skull

14k Gold Plated Brass Skull Screwback Baby Girls Earrings with Sterling Silver Post

silver crow

Vintage Antiqued Silver Crow Raven Skull Stainless Steel Earrings with Gift Bag


silver tone skull

Silver Tone Skull & Skeleton Charm Dangle Earrings on Kidney Earwires

gothic skull

Gothic Jewelry Skull Cross Drops Sparkly Big Chandelier Earrings for Women

cute crown skeleton

Cute Crown Skeleton Head Skull Stud Earring Zombie Horror CZ Diamond Earrings

tiny skull

Tiny Skull Chain Thread Spiral Stick Slide .925 Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

sterling silver

Sterling Silver Tiny Skull Stud Earrings – 4mm

pair stainless

Pair Stainless Steel Crossed Bone Skulls Black Hoop Huggie Earrings 

day of teh dead

Day of the Dead Skull Earrings


Will my Personality fit With Craniums?


Something is true and skulls don’t fit well with everybody. Nonetheless, craniums are just perfect for some people like you…

Do you want to express your rebel spirit?

Do you hate the common trends of design?

Do you feel misunderstood?

Do you feel like you can’t fit in the society?

Do you have a true and depth love towards skulls? If you answered any of those questions affirmatively, then you are eligible to wear craniums.

Skulls definitely fit with certain people, but they’re wearable by both women and men. You can find hundreds of items with braincase on them in our online store for both genders and with astonishing quality.

What is the meaning of a skull?

Skulls have been worn by many people since the existence of the humanity and until these days are highly demanded pieces of a stylish symbol to carry on your belongings.

A cranium means many things like:

  • Power: A person wearing craniums is received as a powerful person, a person who is capable of doing anything successfully. Often, people identify skulls as power and that power can be obtainable just by wearing clothes or having any item with at least a cranium on them.
  • Knowledge: Since the origin of the humanity, shamans, monks and many more intelligent people worn these symbol because they thought that skulls can bring infinite knowledge to the host. Something that is true, is that a high percent of people who likes skulls are intelligent.