Skull Jewellery for Men and Women


Jewellery are typically the most expensive accessories. Having precious sparkling stones is really expensive due the present of gold, sapphire, ruby, etc. The truth is that those precious stones and metals are so beautiful that deserve every cent.

If you’re like most of the people who is on a budget and you simply cannot invest so much of your money in accessories. For that reason, we bring the cheapest solution to satisfy your need to demonstrate who you are through the accessories you wear.

Jewelry has been in our history for thousands of years. Kings, shamans, thieves, everyone would die getting those precious stones, but in our modern days, you don’t have to do so. You have to only do a few clicks and that’s it, impressive right?

We have everything concerning jewelry, from skull rings, skull lip ring, skull ring for ladies, skull ring for mens, everything you can think is available in our online store. If you’re on a budget and you can’t spend too much money on Jewelry, you’re in the right place because we focus on client’s satisfaction and not on profits. So you can expect competitive prices not only in jewelry in any kind of items with skulls on them.

Skull Ring silver is on demand right now, it’s really inexpensive and durable to lasts years because it’s made with silver.

Just imagine yourself having incredible accessories of skulls and emanating the meaning of craniums. Let’s remember that people with skulls on them are really powerful people and have a nice fashion taste, all thanks to skulls.

black skull

Gothic Skull 18K White & Black Gold Fn 925 Sterling Silver Heart Shape Red Garnet Ring

gothic skeleton

Sugar Skull Pendant Necklace Gothic Skeleton Pendants for Men with Wheat Chain

octopus ring

Steampunk Octopus Rings Womens Vintage Rose Gold Skull Jewelry

skull bracelet

Gift for Lover His Queen Her King Stainless Steel Couple Bracelets For Women Men Jewelry Matching Set

skull hollow

Jewelry Men 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Vintage Skull Hollow Bracelet Silver

coral skull

Sterling Silver 925 Coral Skull Pendant

bracelet flamme

Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Men’s Bracelet Flamme Skull Shape Bangle Sterling Silver

sterling silver

Jewelry Men 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Vintage Skull Heads Bracelet Silver 

pendant hip hop

Black & White CZ Men’s Cap Skull Pendant Hip Hop Jewelry in 14K Gold Over Sterling Silver

charm skull

Skull Pendant Charm Diamond Pendant Necklace 14K Yellow Gold Chain Necklace Jewelry Gift

crack skull

Jewelry Designer Crack Skull Biker Outlaw Ring Solid 14k Yellow Gold Including Certificate

vintage ring

Jewelry 925 Sterling Vintage Rings for Men Skull Red Zirconia Silver Punk Ring

But, what the heck a skull mean?


The meaning of skulls changes a lot depending on each culture. But basically, it has a bad meaning and a good meaning, depending on your thoughts of course. Let’s explain the most common meanings:

  • Fearlessness: Come on, a person wearing craniums doesn’t look fearless? Just by not be scared by the skull itself is enough to say that person is fearless. Since our ancestors and the entire existence of the humanity, skulls have been associated with a warrior soul, a fearless warrior capable of everything.
  • Power and strength: People who love skulls have suffered a lot and went through horrible experiences. Those moments have enhanced and reinforced their heart, soul, and body and that make them stronger and powerful than ever. People who wear skull believe that the skull will give them power and strength.

Luck Charm: It’s believed that brain cases have magical powers and those magical powers give incredible luck to the holder of the skulls. Are you having bad luck lately? Don’t worry, just change it by wearing some skulls on you and try by yourself if this if true or not.