Skull Zippo to Smoke with Style


Everyone think that we are different because we use a lot of skulls on our clothing, what they don’t know is that we are unique and our preferences and style are authentic. We don’t need to use Lacoste, Calvin Klein, and other brands to be fashionable or pay 10 times the real price of a clothing, the only thing we need is to be authentic and dress whatever we like more.

Calaver is the meaning of a wild spirit that flows with our real rebel nature. Skulls are right now on high-demand and are really fashionable, you can find them spread in almost every kind of clothing and accessories, from t-shirt, pants, skateboards, helmet, etc.

If you are like us, passionate about calavers and you like to reflect your real preferences and style, you’re in the right place. Our online store is specialized in delivering the best hottest trends in calavers, you can expect to find whatever you want with a skull on it.

We have different kind of Zippos lighters with every kind of materials, styles and with cutting-edge technology. Smoking goes by the hand with calavers, they complement each other pretty well, and if you want to smoke with style and being in the last trends of fashion you must buy one.

We have them in gold, brass, dark matte, and plenty of models. Something that is guaranteed is a top-notch quality that highlights our products, so forget about those toys Zippo lighters some people sell and get broken few days later, our product is built to last.

skull zippo

Black Matte Toxic Lighter

skull zippo

Skull Lighters

pirate skull zippo

Street Chrome Pirate Skull Lighter

sons of anarchy

Sons of Anarchy Lighters 


Red Matte Pocket Lighter

day of the dead

Day of the Dead Pocket Lighter

american skull

Custom American Flag Punisher Punisher Skull Lighter

vilian zippo

Vilian Lighters

pinup zippo

Pin-Up Skull

american skull

American Flag Skull Face Black Matte

ace skull

Ace Skull Card Satin Chrome

wolf skull

Wolf Lighters

Why you Must Buy a Skull Zippo


You can find plenty of Zippo lighter models for sale , all of them are repeated everywhere and with really insipid designs which don’t strike people’ attention, our Zippos are fantastic to do that, with incredible and twisted design that everybody is going to see, and think ‘Hey, I want one’.

Just think about it, you’re going to smoke a cigarette and there is a sexy boy/girl and you suddenly borrow your Skull Zippo. That person will be impressed and you will be making a really good first impression about yourself and your unique style.

We all know it, we are unique and everybody else is a photocopy of the guy next to him/her. We love unique people like us, and by having an incredible calaver Zippo you will be emanating that feeling of uniqueness you need to prove who you are.

You can find it in our Online Store


Remember we are like you, and we really grasp your preferences and style, we have every kind of skull Zippos for sale with tons of designs, materials, and style. We have an incredible customer service and a fast delivery to suit your needs.

Our online store is unique like you, and that’s what makes you unique, the originality and uniqueness of your clothing.